About us

Thank you for visiting the Strathalbyn H Hardware Online Store.
Strathalbyn H Hardware is a well-known, family operated business.  Shop with the locals who offer friendly service and take pride in being part of the same community you live in.We provide hardware solutions for the home handy person and tradies alike.
Get you ELGAS with us
Largest ELGAS Gas supplier in Strathalbyn, we deliver household gas to Strathalbyn and surrounding areas.At our site in Strathalbyn we stock commercial gas for forklift use, 45kg LPG household cylinders,  Swap and Go and LPGas refills. We have your LP Gas needs covered all year round. 
BOC cylinder change over?
We are agents for BOC. So bring it to a local next time you need a change over.If you have any questions about our company or products please feel free to contact one of our helpful staff. 
Strathalbyn H Hardware is the store where people and products connect to build dreams.
We are your Hardware Store.Why are we for you?
  • Because, you have big plans, but don’t know how to make them reality and you need advice to get them off the ground
  • Because, you have a little bit of DIY experience, but you don’t have the right tools for the job
  • Because, you hate trudging to Mt Barker to meerkat manor, getting no help and losing 2 hours of your life for a nail and a bolt. You want to shop with locals.
AND US? We get it. You don’t want to waste time and effort getting bad advice and the wrong product.
We totally get it! We hate that too.How it all came to be H

A trip down memory lane

We are a local independently owned and operated hardware store located in Strathalbyn. We’ve been here for over 20 years’ helping the local builders and DIYers get the right stuff.We weren’t always H Hardware. Once upon a time, 37 East Terrace was originally Nelson Brothers. At that time the shop was little more than a tin shed and the store serviced the builders. However, as the building industry began to change, so did 37 East Terrace.The store got bigger and bigger and eventually Nelson Brothers changed to Strathablyn Homeworks. Homeworks began catering for both the builders and the home handyman. Eventually Homeworks got a facelift and became vibrant yellow H Hardware store we are today.Since taking over the business in 2014, we’ve come ahead leaps and bounds to bring hardware into the new world of e-commerce. Before 2014, we never had a website. We never had any contact with the internet world. Yet here we are today.Share the loveWe are proud to have been around so long. Our staff’s collective knowledge spans decades. We are here to help. We are local. We’ve got what you want. We have been working with builders and tradies for more years than we care to count. And we are proud of it. To offer a fantastic service is our top priority.We’ve stayed a little old schoolIf you want to buy a bolt. You can buy a bolt!
If you want a metre of timber, you can buy a metre of timber!
No cutting charge, and no wasted bit you had to buy because you had to buy a length.Our customers love that they can buy individual items because it means they don’t have any waste. They don’t have to dispose of the bit they didn’t need., they don’t have to clutter their garage with crap. And they don’t have to buy 100 if they only needed 2.
We aim to best serve you in the way you need.

A talkative bunch

Ok, so we are known to have a chat. Remember the days when people talked? Revolutionary, but we are all about talking!
When you shop with us you are part of our family. The family of independent hardware retailers taking on the big box stores.
We don’t run in the opposite direction when we see you walk in the door, and we don’t give you that smug, ever infuriating response, “ah well that’s not my department”
You don’t wait for an hour to speak to someone, pacing left and right wondering if you are ever going to get served.
We are here for you every step of the way.
Our mission is to be the store where people can build dreams.

Part of a bigger picture

At H Hardware we care about our community. It’s important to us to shop local and keep the community vibrant and healthy.

That means supporting the independent local business who are run by locals for locals.
This means getting involved with community events.
This mean sponsoring local sports clubs.
It means getting behind the Lions and Rotary clubs.
Our staff members are heavily involved in sporting associations and the Scouts.
We are always doing our part in the community

So what are you waiting for? We will see you in store!

Come shop with us at the bright yellow building at 37 East Terrace Strathablyn and while you’re here check out our online catalogue for all the great products you can find in store.