KNAUF R2.0 580W WALL BATTS 21.53M2

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KNAUF R2.0 580W WALL BATTS 21.53M2

Earthwool® Internalwall batts areanewgeneration of super-soft, sustainableglasswool fortheacousticinsulation of internal walls. Thisspecialist acousticrangeofinsulation products is available inBasicPerformance(11kg/m³),Ultra Performance (14kg/m³), HighDensity(17kg/m³,20kg/m³ and27kg/m³) sound absorbing performancelevels.

Earthwool Internal wall batts reduce transmission from roomtoroomoroffice to office. A comprehensive range oftestedandwarrantedacoustic wall systems using Earthwool canbefoundat

Advanced compression packaging reduces handling timeandthestoragespace required on site.

If you're installing Earthwool yourself then don't forgettocheckoutour DIYSafety InstructionsandPrecautions beforeyoustart. 

Earthwool Internal wall batts provideacost-effectiveacousticbarrier to reduce sound transmissionthroughinternalwalls. Theconsistent quality, low dust, andclean-cuttingresilientglasswoolmakes fabrication easy andinstallation fast.EarthwoolInternalwall batts can be used in timberand metalframeapplications inresidential and commercialstructures.Theseapplications includeacoustic treatments towalls.

Knauf Insulation offers Earthwool Internal wall batts inawiderangeof R-Values and densities to providehighacousticperformance andcomfort – absorbing unwanted noiseandalsoproviding a thermalbarrier between differenttemperaturerooms.They are highlyresilient, recovering quicklytofullthickness. 


  • Preferred by professional installersconcernedwithquality,appearance and productivity. 
  • Excellent acoustical properties reduce sound transmissioninthehomewhen properly installed in walls, ceilingandfloorsystems. 


  • Earthwool Internal Wall Insulation Batts areodourless,rotproof,non-hygroscopic, do not sustain vermin and willnotencouragethegrowth of fungi, mould or bacteria. 


  • Highly resilient insulation recovers quickly to fullthicknessforasnug fit and superior finished aesthetics. 
  • Consistent quality materials feel good, cuteasilyandinstallfast. 
  • Low dust for easier handling and increasedproductivity. 


  • Earthwool Internal Wall Insulation Batts are packagedinastrong,white poly bag that offers excellent protectionfromabuse,dustand moisture. 
  • Earthwool Internal Wall Insulation Batts packagesfeatureeasytofollow installation instructions. 
  • MasterBag batt units (containing multiplepacks)ensurereducedhandling costs with improved compression –moresquaremetres perbag, more square metres per truck load, fewertripstothe job siteand less warehouse space for storage. 


  • Knauf Insulation is totally focused on providingfirstclasscustomerservice, producing high quality product and ‘ontimeinfull’deliveries. 
  • Knauf Insulation recognises the need to establish,developandsupporta professional network of distributors andre-sellersinorder toservice a growing insulation market. 
  • Knauf Insulation is committed to providing acomprehensiverangeofrelevant literature and web-based technicalinformationtosupportspecifiers and consumers.